Grantwriting is important but it’s only part of the story.  I work collaboratively with organizations to secure funding; clarify mission and strategic vision; communicate more effectively; develop, improve, manage and evaluate programs; and forge connections and strengthen relationships.  

To help your organization secure and sustain funding, I will:

  • Research potential and realistic sources of funding
  • Initiate and maintain communications with funders
  • Help shape collaborative partnerships
  • Prepare proposals and applications for government, foundations and other funders
    • Gather and synthesize information
    • Prepare a cohesive, organized and persuasive narrative
  • Help with program development
  • Assist with budgets and other supporting documents
  • Help prepare for site visits
  • Prepare reports to funders
  • Track/monitor/evaluate

Other areas in which I can help include other kinds of writing projects; research; measuring and improving program effectiveness ; capacity-building; facilitation; and compliance (such as policies and procedures, grants and contract management).