Food for Thought

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in foundations, global health, health disparities, nutrition, obesity, philanthropy, public health, Uncategorized |

Food is big. There is widespread concern about hunger and malnutrition; obesity, in particular among children; access to healthy food; food waste; lack of healthy food options in schools, neighborhoods and restaurants; affordability of fresh produce; overconsumption of sugary drinks. The list could go on and on (as this one did). These issues don’t effect groups of people equally. Issues of food and nutrition are often seen through the lens of...

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Prospect Research Tips for Nonprofits: Tax Forms

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in foundations, fundraising, grants, grantwriting, nonprofit, philanthropy, research, Uncategorized |

Today I’m going to talk about the exciting topic of tax forms.  Recently, the Star Tribune published a piece about why it is important for nonprofit organizations to do a good job in preparing their 990 form because it provides information to funders, donors, the media, charity watchdog groups.  ( The 990 document can give either a positive or...

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Celebrity Philanthropy: The Giving Back Fund

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in foundations, philanthropy | 1 comment

One of the benefits of attending a high school reunion is reconnecting with old classmates who are doing cool things with their lives.  Recently I returned to Cleveland, Ohio for a reunion and met up with Marc Pollick, founder and president of The Giving Back Fund (GBF).  GBF, headquartered in Los Angeles, helps high-profile athletes and entertainers set up their own philanthropic funds.  Its core donor base is women, people of color and youth....

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