On the Ground Fighting Suburban Hunger

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in health disparities, nonprofit, nutrition, obesity, public health, Uncategorized |

Hunger is the most basic food issue. While not the flashiest, food shelves are on the front lines. Recently I visited the food shelf at Neighbors, Inc. located in S. St. Paul. Neighbors, Inc. is a relatively small organization with roots going back to 1972 when Swift and Armour closed their meat packing operations in S. St. Paul. Neighbors, Inc. depends on volunteers, many of whom are seniors who live in the community (they joke that the...

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Food for Thought

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in foundations, global health, health disparities, nutrition, obesity, philanthropy, public health, Uncategorized |

Food is big. There is widespread concern about hunger and malnutrition; obesity, in particular among children; access to healthy food; food waste; lack of healthy food options in schools, neighborhoods and restaurants; affordability of fresh produce; overconsumption of sugary drinks. The list could go on and on (as this one did). These issues don’t effect groups of people equally. Issues of food and nutrition are often seen through the lens of...

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Health Disparities & Healthy Eating – it’s complicated!

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I’ve long been interested in the issue of health disparities, meaning the widely-accepted fact that in general poor people are less healthy than non-poor people.  One important aspect of this issue is healthy eating.  The problem of obesity in this country is receiving increasing attention as a public health issue (dubbed the “next tobacco”). In a recent article titled, “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”, food writer Mark Bittman challenges the...

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