American Heart – Part II

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  After I saw the documentary American Heart (reviewed in an earlier blog post), it occurred to me that it would be interesting to show this film to recent immigrants and refugees – the subjects of the film.  I reached out to the director, Chris Newberry, and to people I knew at the Minnesota Department of Health Office of Refugee Health, as well as one of my clients, Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota. We all put our heads together...

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The Human Heart

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I recently saw a wonderful documentary film called American Heart at the Minneapolis Film Festival.  I went to see the film because it dealt with an issue of interest to me – health care for refugees and immigrants.  While that was indeed the focus of American Heart, it dealt just as much with universal themes: end of life issues, family, resilience and how life unfolds in mysterious ways. American Heart follows three patients at the...

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Adios to the Resource Center of the Americas: A Nonprofit that Connected People and Cultures

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Tile mural on the side of Resource Center It’s sad when a good organization can not make it.  The Resource Center of the Americas (more recently La Conexion de las Americas) was a part of my life and I’ll miss it.  According to its official announcement, it no longer had the “financial and leadership resources” to continue.  I don’t know much more than that.  What I do know is that it did many worthwhile things on what I assume was...

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Citizenship Part 2: One Person’s Journey

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Last month I wrote about a citizenship ceremony I attended.  Each of the 700 people who became citizens that day has her own story.  Many came to the U.S. seeking refuge from persecution, war-torn homelands or poverty.  Others came to reunite with family members who had settled here.  Some came as skilled professionals bringing expertise valuable to business. Whatever their reasons for immigrating, the road to citizenship is not an easy one,...

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Citizenship Ceremony

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As a one-time immigration lawyer wannabee, I had heard vaguely about citizenship ceremonies but had never attended one.  Today I did.  A friend of mine from Mexico was becoming a citizen and I jumped at the chance to go as a guest. It’s one of those things where I imagine many people, at least those not directly participating, experience mixed emotions.  On one hand, our country has such restrictive immigration policies and many people who want...

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