Big Challenges, Crazy Ideas

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in community development, evaluation, foundations, global health, international development, nonprofit, philanthropy, research, social policy, Uncategorized |

The Charities Review Council couldn’t have brought in a more appropriate presenter than Michael Faye to speak at its recent conference on Disruptive Philanthropy.  Michael is one of the founders of GiveDirectly, a private international development organization that gives cash to the poor in Kenya and Uganda via cell phone technology, no strings attached.  As Michael observed, giving cash to poor people-what a crazy idea! This is in contrast to...

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Research on the Healing Power of Yoga, Part 2

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A while back I posted about a research project examining whether yoga could benefit domestic violence survivors.   At that time, the research design had not yet been finalized.  I can now report back on the study and preliminary findings. The Domestic Abuse Project, in collaboration with Cari Clark, ScD, a faculty member at the University of MN Medical School, engaged in a feasibility study to determine whether “trauma sensitive yoga” could be...

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Not Everything is Nice in Minnesota

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in evaluation, foundations, health disparities, public health |

I recently attended the Health Disparities Roundtable at the University of Minnesota, Economy and Health: What is the Role of Public Health?  I’ll focus here on some of the thought-provoking highlights from the presentation by Paul Mattessich and Melanie Ferris, both of Wilder Research, on Health Inequities in the Twin Cities: Can We Close the Gap?  They reported on data from a 2010 report commissioned by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota...

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Will yoga help domestic abuse survivors?

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Since I started “practicing” yoga a few years ago, I tout it as a solution to all problems to anyone who will listen.  My style of yoga is toward the gentle end of the continuum, as opposed to the “corepower” approach.  The benefits to me have included increased flexibility and, at least for a few minutes after class, a sense of relaxation and serenity. I may also have gained some strength and gracefulness, although the jury is out on that. ...

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