Moving Forward Together: More on Community Connections

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I’ve been thinking about the relationship between social connections, well-being and health lately. In my last post, I wrote about Anne Fadiman’s presentation about the clash between Hmong culture and the Western medical system.  In her talk, Anne spoke of certain attributes of traditional Hmong culture (many of which endure in the focus on families and clans; traditional rituals; group identity and mutual assistance; and respect...

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Anne Fadiman Brings the Spirit of Healing to St. Paul

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Last night I went to hear a talk by author Anne Fadiman, sponsored by the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library and MELSA.  In one hour, so much ground was covered, much of it profound, that I can not adequately capture it in one post.       Anne (I don’t think she’d mind my being on a first name basis with her) wrote the classic The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down which was published in 1997 and reissused this year.  Anne joked about the...

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Adios to the Resource Center of the Americas: A Nonprofit that Connected People and Cultures

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Tile mural on the side of Resource Center It’s sad when a good organization can not make it.  The Resource Center of the Americas (more recently La Conexion de las Americas) was a part of my life and I’ll miss it.  According to its official announcement, it no longer had the “financial and leadership resources” to continue.  I don’t know much more than that.  What I do know is that it did many worthwhile things on what I assume was...

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Not Everything is Nice in Minnesota

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I recently attended the Health Disparities Roundtable at the University of Minnesota, Economy and Health: What is the Role of Public Health?  I’ll focus here on some of the thought-provoking highlights from the presentation by Paul Mattessich and Melanie Ferris, both of Wilder Research, on Health Inequities in the Twin Cities: Can We Close the Gap?  They reported on data from a 2010 report commissioned by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota...

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