Seven Habits of Highly Long-Living People

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“Lester Breslow, Who Linked Healthy Habits and Long Life, Dies at 97” was the headline for an obituary in today’s New York Times.  Dr. Breslow who received his medical degree and master’s in public health from the University of Minnesota, was a pioneer in the field of public health.  In 1969, long before people were talking about the “social determinants of health”, he said “In the long run, housing may be more important than hospitals to...

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Will health care triple aim hit the mark?

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The federal government will be awarding grants to organizations to implement innovative ideas to deliver better health and improved care at lower costs (referred to as “the triple aim”) to people enrolled in government-funded health programs.  In Minnesota, 39 applications for these “Health Care Innovation Challenge” grants were submitted.  The applications addressed a wide variety of issues, populations and structural health care delivery...

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