Will yoga help domestic abuse survivors?

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Since I started “practicing” yoga a few years ago, I tout it as a solution to all problems to anyone who will listen.  My style of yoga is toward the gentle end of the continuum, as opposed to the “corepower” approach.  The benefits to me have included increased flexibility and, at least for a few minutes after class, a sense of relaxation and serenity. I may also have gained some strength and gracefulness, although the jury is out on that. ...

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Citizenship Part 2: One Person’s Journey

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Last month I wrote about a citizenship ceremony I attended.  Each of the 700 people who became citizens that day has her own story.  Many came to the U.S. seeking refuge from persecution, war-torn homelands or poverty.  Others came to reunite with family members who had settled here.  Some came as skilled professionals bringing expertise valuable to business. Whatever their reasons for immigrating, the road to citizenship is not an easy one,...

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