One Health

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I recently attended a presentation on “One Health Leadership in a Global Setting” sponsored by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.  What is “One Health”? you may wonder.  From what I can gather, it’s a way of thinking which takes a holistic approach to human, animal and environmental health.  It also involves working collaboratively on complex global (and local) problems across geographies, disciplines (e.g. medicine, nursing,...

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Citizenship Ceremony

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As a one-time immigration lawyer wannabee, I had heard vaguely about citizenship ceremonies but had never attended one.  Today I did.  A friend of mine from Mexico was becoming a citizen and I jumped at the chance to go as a guest. It’s one of those things where I imagine many people, at least those not directly participating, experience mixed emotions.  On one hand, our country has such restrictive immigration policies and many people who want...

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