Robin Perlstein Lackner has over 20 years experience helping nonprofits, government and businesses pursue their missions.

Robin brings a fresh perspective to helping nonprofits and other organizations.  With education and experience in both social work and law, she approaches challenges both analytically and with a passion for improving people’s lives.  Robin is a committed and energetic professional who focuses equally on mission AND achieving results.

robin_lackner_workingRobin began her consulting practice in 2011 after many years as a health lawyer – working for government, nonprofits and large businesses.  Working as a lawyer within organizations provided the foundation for Robin’s current work –  advocating for her clients, writing for various audiences, facilitating groups, leading teams, and solving complex problems.

As a consultant, Robin has worked primarily with organizations that are involved with health care, immigrants and refugees, aging, social services, women’s issues, international human rights and the arts.  She has experience preparing grant proposals for family, corporate and private foundations and applications for local, state and federal government contracts.